This feature will add a new backtesting mode (next to Every Tick, Control Points and Open Prices) for which the number of ticks per minute would be configurable.

For example, setting:

  • 3 ticks per minute (minimum) will result in each M1 bar going through the open, high and low prices (with the high and low in accurate chronological order, with the correct timestamp).
  • 4 ticks - OHLC, once more with correct order for high and low.
  • X ticks - would result in the OHLC prices plus the extra ticks sampled at computed time intervals according to the position of the high and low in the bar and naturally positioned in the correct order.

Among other factors, planned features will be scheduled for implementation based on user preference. Press Yes below next to "Did you find it helpful?" if you'd like this feature to be prioritized for implementation. Feel free to press No if it's not a priority for you.